Manley Hot Springs


So by now you’re wondering what’s this business got to do with mining?  Well the long term goal is to develop a year round business to support a few families and keep my mind occupied in the winter.  I pursued lapidary work about five years ago and found it rather soothing.  My thought is that Dart-AM could make custom headstones from Alaskan rocks along with other stone related products.  To date I have made center pieces, headstones, jewelry and specimen pieces.  I would like to have a gold or silversmith employed as a bench jeweler.  I see this part of the business coming on line in the next 3-5 years-- only because there is so much to do with the farm.



I also envision a few guest cabins being built in the next few years.  I went to a log home building class a few years ago and I really enjoy working with logs.