Upper & Lower Greenhouse Tomatoes

Greenhouse before restoration


Manley Hot Springs Produce

Greenhouses, Cold frames, and High Tunnels

by John Robert Dart

Gladys Dart Greenhouse

Our vision of horticulture and floriculture is an extension to the outdoors.  We have designed a system that allows mechanization to reduce labor yet promotes a sustainable environment.  In 2010 we shall erect two high tunnels over our geothermal soil.  Under the right conditions of weather we should be able to improve yields significantly.  Beyond 2010 we have designed a state of the art greenhouse designed for the rigorous Alaskan environment at 65 degrees north latitude.  Consulting with a structural engineer from Purdue University, Dart-Am intends to debut it visionary design.   It should be exciting.  Stay tuned.


greenhouse in winter
Winter view

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