Manley Hot Springs Produce

Geothermal Technology

by John Robert Dart


Geothermal drilling preparations

Here at Dart-AM we have a different approach.  I have designed a combined heat and power system in a borehole configuration to move heat without moving the vast quantities of water that are normally associated with low grade geothermal locations.  Rather than spend millions on drilling we choose to peak our water with a fossil fuel.  How much you ask?  Well that depends.  Heat transfer depends on the Delta T of a hot fluid.  So depending on the heat source and the heat sink you ultimately recover only a small percentage of the available energy.  I am not ready to publish my design, however I have shared it with some retired DuPont engineers and they agree it is possible.  We will be using direct use geothermal supplemented by wind and solar technologies at first.  However over the long term, I envision an ORC geothermal generator for the base load electrical needs with supplemental wind and solar for the additional peaks.

geothermal drilling work

I have made a commitment to my Aunt to be as green as possible.  To that end-- it is not as easy as most think.  Study Thermodynamics, Two Phase Flow, and Heat Transfer and then give me a call.  If you are already a mechanical engineer you have the basics, put this to work in a plausible system and well here we go!!  DART-AM’s not trying to compete with the oil companies just displace some of that need.


geothermal drilling