Community Supported Agriculture

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What’s a CSA?
We realize your time is valuable and so we would like our members to visit when they can but not be tied to a promised amount of labor at our farm.  That being said, If you want to come and get your hands in the soil please do.  Our goals are simple:
To promote a community supported agriculture (CSA) group that encourges healthy living through eating and working with fresh vegetables and herbs with abundant flowers and a place to come and relax.  We know we are a long drive from Fairbanks, Alaska and we are a destination seeing that we are at the end of the road, but more than that we will strive to deliver once per week during the growing season the best Alaskan grown produce and products possible.  Remember it’s the water that makes Dart-AM different.  Our water is tepid so our plants don’t get shocked during irrigation.  Moreover our calcium content is higher and it makes a difference in the taste.  No nasty sulfur smell here at the hot springs or at our farm.

So what will it cost and how can I get involved?  Your annual fee is one hundred dollars.  For that you can come and see the farm and participate in the activities we have planned.  The re-birth of Manley Hot Springs Produce won’t be realized without some labor pains, but don’t be concerned they won’t be yours.  We plan 3-4 guest cabins where you can stay to relax and watch the farm grow.  We have a lot of work planned for 2012.



Dart-AM Farms CSA Plans for 2012

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CSA members can expect six months delivery to Fairbanks and North Pole, Alaska.  This is weather dependent, but should be possible in most years.  We are planning for a pick-your-own in Manley Hot Springs.

July 4th Celebration:  July 4, 2012.  Consider coming to Manley Hot Springs for tours of the farm.  We are 165 miles from downtown Fairbanks.

Membership:  To lock in a CSA share a person needs to pay $100.00 by February 1, 2012 annual membership to save a share.  Only 60 shares will be offered to individuals in Fairbanks and North Pole communities.  Checks payable to Dart-AM, LLC.

Payment Plan: We offer a payment plan of 4 easy payments of $ 260.00 beginning March 1, 2012.
Subsequent payments are due the first of the months of April, May, and June.  This totals $ 1140.00. If you fail to pay your monthly fee you will be dropped from the delivery schedule.

Our projected crops are listed below.  From experience, I know that not all crops will always produce well because the weather is different every year. However, because of the warm soils and geothermal water we at Dart-AM Farms have the best chances for success!!

Pickup Stations (times will be announced)
Fairbanks- Under the Sears Sign in the Sears Parking Lot
North Pole- Little Richards Café corner of Peridot and Richardson Hwy.

So what can you expect?  Fresh Alaska Grown Produce!  So Eat Local!  Eat Fresh Alaska Grown Produce!

Cropping plan for 2012 season

Outdoor Field Crops:  Always weather dependent!

sweet corn - Earlivee & Seneca Horizonwinter squash -many types
summer squash
Greens: turnip, beet, collards, kale
Swiss chard
table beets
snap peas
green beans
wax bean
asparagus (first light harvest don’t over estimate your share as the crowns are gaining strength)
fiddleheads (ostrich fern) wild harvest

Fruits grown but not necessarily available at all times.  Weather dependent!


Greenhouse/High Tunnel crops:

English cucumbers
sweet peppers,
hot peppers

Other Crops/ cover crops:

Fava Beans





A short walk to my Aunt Gladys’s bathhouse
will be invigorating and oh so pretty!!!

Gladys's Greenhouse in bloom.


Photo Gallery

Click to enlarge photos:

First Truck and Tractor used by Manley Hot Springs Produce

New 75 Hp Tractor used by Manley Hot Springs Produce

Tomato Boxes destined for ManleyHot Springs 1987

Views of the hot springs slough (Karshner Creek) in winter

Hot springs in winter